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You might be surprised to learn how many people turn to title loans Arlington when they need quick cash. Naturally, most people rely on car title loan cash when they have an unforeseen emergency and need fast cash now. However, lifestyle changes can also increase the need for short-term loans. Starting a new job may delay your regular income, divorces can have a huge impact on your finances and moving to a new home or apartment is often more expensive than you anticipate. Consequently, Wahlgren Financing provides financial assistance for people with low incomes, high incomes, retired folks and everyone else that may need a little extra cash to get them by. Loan funds can range from several hundred dollars to thousands, but you can always depend on loan funds within as little as one business day. If you own an automobile and have an income resource, you might want to learn more about the loan process and how you could benefit today.

Starting the
Application Process
for Quick Cash

Essentially, you can fill out an application for vehicle title loans any time you need financial support. Our online applications are always available any time. If you have questions or concerns about applying for title loans Arlington, you can speak with a loan specialist in person at a local loan store when you have a few spare minutes. Loan representatives are also on hand to take phone calls and help you with applications.

Car Title Loan Requirements for Loan Approval

  • An income source. Wahlgren Financing requires a source of income to repay a loan just like any other lender. However, we are generally more flexible than other lenders when it comes to income. Most people are easily approved for loans using their paycheck stubs to verify their income. We also accept several other forms of income such as government benefits, retirement resources, self-employment income and more.
  • Your driver’s license or your state identification card to confirm that you are old enough to sign a contract. Borrowers need to be 18 to qualify.
  • The clear title to a vehicle in running condition. It is important that car titles are free of liens for qualifying.

How to Complete Your Application

Applications provide us with the basic information needed to begin the loan process. They require your contact information and car information. Please note, it is particularly important that you submit accurate information about your vehicle because loan estimates are derived by the information that the applicant provides.

To fill in your application, you’ll need:

  • Your telephone number, zip code and first and last name.
  • The year your vehicle was made and a mileage estimate. Additionally, we also need the model, make and style.

Important Information
About Title
Loans Arlington

  1. Affordable repayment plans.
  2. Competitive interest rates.
  3. No rules or driving restrictions.
  4. No credit checks for loan approval.
  5. Convenient loan store locations in and around Arlington.
  6. Free online applications.
  7. Funds for any purpose.
  8. No pre-payment penalties for paying off early.
  9. Secured loans offering lower interest rates with higher loan amounts.
  10. Contracts to confirm loan agreements.
  11. Loan funds within one business day of applying.
  12. Quick, professional services.
  13. No vehicle inspections required.

How the Loan Process Works

Loan Estimates

Each applicant will receive an instant loan quote within minutes of applying. Remember, quotes can vary slightly after your income is verified for loan approval. However, the loan quote should give you the information you need to decide whether you want to move forward with the loan process.

If you are pleased with the offer or want additional information, we encourage you to work with a loan agent, which is free of charge.

Financing a Loan

Financing a loan with Wahlgren Financing is fairly straightforward.

  • You submit your application.
  • Speak with a loan specialist on the phone to discuss your income and how you plan to pay for the loan.
  • Speak with a loan specialist on the phone to discuss your income and how you plan to pay for the loan.
  • Sign a contract agreeing to the terms of the loan.
  • Pick up your loan funds.

Securing Car Title Loans

Title loans Arlington require borrowers to pledge their vehicles to secure loans. Vehicles offered as collateral can be sold by the title lender in the event the borrower fails to live up to the agreement.

How Loan Amounts Are Determined

Our main focus for determining loan amounts is to look at the equity you have in your car. The data you supplied in your application is checked against Kelly Blue Book to find the value of your auto. As a borrower, you can receive about 75 percent of your car’s value if you have enough income to make the loan payments.

Loan Consultations

When qualifying for title loans Arlington, your loan specialist will need to learn about and confirm your source of income and your monthly income. We look forward to granting you a loan, but we do have to make sure that payments won’t be a problem for your finances.

Selecting a Repayment Plan

After learning what your monthly income and expenses are, we can provide you with guidance and recommendations for selecting loan terms and a payment plan. Minimum repayment plans must be repaid in 30 days or less. However, you may have the option of selecting a longer loan term to reduce payment amounts.

Legalizing Arrangements

The borrower will be asked to come into a loan store to present their hard copy of their car title, review a contract, answer last minute questions and sign their agreement.

Agreements are written to match any state or federal regulations concerning vehicle title loans. Regulations stipulate that agreements must contain the terms of the loan, when loans come due, the amount of money you’re financing and the rate and cost of your interest to acquire the loan. After closing the loan, you’ll receive your loan funds.

If you are running a little short of cash this month, you can count on Wahlgren Financing for quick services and low interest financing on title loans Arlington.